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Prepared Meals

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Who's Hungry - Vegetarian Menu

Plant Eaters

Black Beans & Rice $12
Black Beans & Rice w/Veggies $14
Cali Doubles $10
Channa wrapped in Bara Bread
Channa Bowl $14

Curried Chickpeas
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Chopped Salad $12
 Jerk Jackfruit $16
Jerk Tofu Bowl $12
Tofu mixture includes eggplant & mushrooms.
Organic Non-GMO
Spice Portobello Mushroom Bowl $14

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Whos Hungry - meat eaters

Meat Eaters

Jerk Salmon Bowl $18

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Jerk Chicken Bowl $15

Halal Meat
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Jerk Chicken Salad $13
Tamarind Chicken Bowl $15
Oxtail Bowl $20

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Whos Hungry - Sides and Sweets

Sides & Sweets

Side of Rice and Peas $6
Side of Plantains  $7

Who's Hungry - Drinks


Pineapple Ginger $6.50


Sorrell $6


Thyme Limonade $6


Passionfruit Iced Tea $6